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ADME - Association of Data Managers in Education Launch!

Posted on: 7th Jan 2019 by: ANME

The ANME is proud to launch the Association of Data Managers in Education - ADME!

There has been a lot of interest from Data Managers and Data Protection Officers in joining the ANME in the 5 years since the ANME was founded, as there are no forums catering for all Data Managers and Data Protection Officers to communicate, seek assistance, or share best practice amongst peers.

The ADME will run alongside the ANME, with the same aims and values. It is free to join and member information will be treated confidentially and not shared with third parties.

We will be collating information about members’ environments and sharing those statistics with ADME members, allowing them to see up to date popular solutions for a variety of needs and requirements.

As with Network Managers, Data Managers do not always have the title of Data Manager, so the ADME is open to all members of staff who are dealing with data as a primary role and are employed by schools and colleges across the UK.


Neil Limbrick, Founder and Director of theEducationCollective, ANME Ambassador, and Fellow of the Institute of School Business Leadership, says:

“Good data oversight is one of the most significant areas for schools to make sure they are providing the right challenge and support for the young people in their care, and yet it is still done largely in isolation.

There are various providers out there that already offer great networking and support to their users, but it is now time for wider collaboration with an even tighter focus on what schools need and the best ways to deliver it.”

Rowena Gaiger, Data Manager at Langley Grammar School in Slough and the first member of the ADME, says:

"The Association of Network Managers (ANME) has been live for five years now and has many members across the UK.  The day I joined it helped me with alternatives to the expensive SIMs support. It is very easy to use and has many additional pieces of information on the website as well as the forums themselves.

The ANME is now launching the ADME Portal and I’m hoping many of my fellow data managers will join me in the forums here.

3 reasons to consider joining the Association of Data Managers in Education (ADME):
  • It is not restricted to just SIMs products as with the Capita MyAccount forums.
  • It is not restricted to those schools who still have/can afford SSAT memberships as with the SSAT forum.
  • And for those who do not use the data managers forum on Facebook as you do not wish to have a Facebook account, this platform is for those in education only.

We invite all Data Managers and Data Protection Officers in schools and colleges across the UK to join the ADME here and help develop it into a bespoke networking group for Data Managers.

Rick Cowell

Director of ANME Ltd.
Co-founder of the ANME
Founder of the ADME


Testimonials from Members & Partners

  • “Fantastic event, with interesting content and very well organised.”

    Alain Squiteri, Sales Director - InVentry

  • I thought the day was excellent. It was really good to have the companies there and invaluable for meeting and speaking with new contacts. I really hope this carries on as it was desperately needed in our field.

    Janet Cannell, Member

  • Thought it was a very good way of guaranteeing the companies time with smaller groups. People also seemed more prepared to ask questions and talk about their experiences with the products.

    Steve Daniels, Member

  • Seemed really well engaged and clearly was of value to attendees.

    Al Kingsley, Group Managing Director, NetSupport Limited

  • ANME meetings provide valuable networking - being able to talk to other professionals doing the same role and understanding their approach and their context. This is a great way to challenge what you are doing in your own setting.

    Neil Limbrick, Head of IT Strategy – Core Education Trust, Member