Membership Information

Membership to the ANME is free, and the meetings and trips are free for all members to attend.


Membership of the ANME is free, and includes access to the Portal, and attendance at all meetings and trips.

In addition to the online community in the Member Portal, the following are also available:

  • Member Offers
  • Opportunities to Collaborate
  • Signature Logo/Badge
  • EduGeek Private Forum & Badge
Member Offers
15% off for new customers
Up to 20% off renewals
10% off
Management & Training Platform

Information about how to take advantage of the offer can be found in the Member Portal.

Opportunities to Collaborate

We try to give members as many opportunities to get involved as possible, so when we're approached to collaborate on an article, all members get the opportunity to get involved.

Some recent examples of this can be seen below:

Signature Logo / Badge

This image is available to members for use in email and forum signatures etc. and is avaialble via the links below:


They can be downloaded, or used at those URLs

Profile Badge, Signature & Private Forum on EduGeek


Join the Private ANME Forum:
Click the link below to join our private forum on EduGeek

Then you can access the ANME Members Forum under General Forums in the main EduGeek site. (Direct link:

(Please email Rick once you've requested to join to confirm your details as usernames aren't always obvious!)


Add the ANME Badge:

Members of the Private ANME Forum can display the ANME badge on their profile/posts:

Once you've been accepted to the Private Forum, click this link again and select "Identify me as a member of this group", then click Update Display Group.


Add the Signature Image (use the source code so it updates when changed):

Copy the text below:
Click this link to take you to the Edit Signature page on EduGeek:
Click the A/A button in the top left of the Signature Editor box to switch to HTML view
Paste the text you copied above.
This image will be updated every so often, but will update in your signature automatically so you always display the most recent image.



Testimonials from Members & Partners

  • “Fantastic event, with interesting content and very well organised.”

    Alain Squiteri, Sales Director - InVentry

  • I thought the day was excellent. It was really good to have the companies there and invaluable for meeting and speaking with new contacts. I really hope this carries on as it was desperately needed in our field.

    Janet Cannell, Member

  • Thought it was a very good way of guaranteeing the companies time with smaller groups. People also seemed more prepared to ask questions and talk about their experiences with the products.

    Steve Daniels, Member

  • Seemed really well engaged and clearly was of value to attendees.

    Al Kingsley, Group Managing Director, NetSupport Limited

  • ANME meetings provide valuable networking - being able to talk to other professionals doing the same role and understanding their approach and their context. This is a great way to challenge what you are doing in your own setting.

    Neil Limbrick, Head of IT Strategy – Core Education Trust, Member