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Member Stats are Back!

Posted on: 14th Jan 2019 by: ANME

We're proud to announce the return of the ANME Member Stats!

Since the ANME was founded in 2014 the members have been asked to provide information about their schools / colleges, and network environments. Ranging from the number of staff, students and PCs, to which PC and server manufacturers they use etc.

It was collated periodically and statistics in the form of charts and graphs were shared with the members, providing an insight into what colleagues in other schools are using for various requirements, and how their school compares when it comes to IT Support Staff numbers etc.

These statistics are now available in the Member Portal, and are updated live!

“Quickly benchmark your school to understand your staffing levels and technology to pupil ratios”

Members will be prompted to update their details periodically, but can do so at any time, seeing the changes in the statistics as soon as they've made the updates.

There are currently 50 pie charts and graphs available to view, and more will be included as trends change in the future.

“Get valuable insights into the solutions being used in other schools up and down the country”

This information collected is all treated confidentially, and never shared with any members or third parties.

Current statistics include:

  • Which:
    • Antivirus
    • Backup Solution
    • Classroom Management Software
    • Email Solution
    • E-Safety / Online Safeguarding Solution
    • Firewall
    • Helpdesk Software
    • Internet Filter (Main)
    • Internet Filter (Additional)
    • ISP
    • Managed Print Company
    • MDM
    • MIS
    • Power Management Solution
    • Remote Control Software
    • SIMS Support Company
    • Virtualisation Platform
    • VLE
    • Union
    • Wireless Solution
  • Manufacturers:
    • Current & Preferred PCs
    • Current & Preferred Servers
    • Current & Preferred Switches
    • Current & Preferred SAN
  • Internet:
    • Internet Line Type
    • Internet Bearer / Max Bandwidth
    • Internet Bandwidth / Cap
  • People:
    • Number of Staff
    • Number of IT Support Staff
    • Number of Students
  • Numbers of:
    • PCs & Laptops
    • Physical Servers
    • Printers (Single-Function Devices)
    • Printers (Multi-Function Devices/Copiers)
    • Tablets
    • Virtual Server Hosts
    • Virtual Servers


Rick Cowell

Director of ANME Ltd.
Co-founder of the ANME
Founder of the ADME


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  • “Fantastic event, with interesting content and very well organised.”

    Alain Squiteri, Sales Director - InVentry

  • I thought the day was excellent. It was really good to have the companies there and invaluable for meeting and speaking with new contacts. I really hope this carries on as it was desperately needed in our field.

    Janet Cannell, Member

  • Thought it was a very good way of guaranteeing the companies time with smaller groups. People also seemed more prepared to ask questions and talk about their experiences with the products.

    Steve Daniels, Member

  • Seemed really well engaged and clearly was of value to attendees.

    Al Kingsley, Group Managing Director, NetSupport Limited

  • ANME meetings provide valuable networking - being able to talk to other professionals doing the same role and understanding their approach and their context. This is a great way to challenge what you are doing in your own setting.

    Neil Limbrick, Head of IT Strategy – Core Education Trust, Member