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About Jobs In Schools

Jobs In Schools is a joint venture between a number of different organisations.

It is a not for profit collaboration aimed at providing a cost effective way of advertising job vacancies for schools.

Click here to view the other organisations that are involved in providing the service. If you wish to post your own vacancies on this website the the easiest way is to join one of these organisations as their members enjoy free and unlimited use of the website.

An Estimated Saving for Schools of £1,000,000+ So Far...

In late 2015 various press agencies quoted an estimated cost of £300 per school per vacancy.

Multiplying that figure by the number of vacancies we have posted since our launch in early December 2015 suggests a potential saving to schools of £1,000,000+

This figure is probably not a reality for schools yet as they will also be posting in other locations while we become established, but it does demonstrate what we hope to achieve in time.

Testimonials from Members & Partners

  • “Fantastic event, with interesting content and very well organised.”

    Alain Squiteri, Sales Director - InVentry

  • I thought the day was excellent. It was really good to have the companies there and invaluable for meeting and speaking with new contacts. I really hope this carries on as it was desperately needed in our field.

    Janet Cannell, Member

  • Thought it was a very good way of guaranteeing the companies time with smaller groups. People also seemed more prepared to ask questions and talk about their experiences with the products.

    Steve Daniels, Member

  • Seemed really well engaged and clearly was of value to attendees.

    Al Kingsley, Group Managing Director, NetSupport Limited

  • ANME meetings provide valuable networking - being able to talk to other professionals doing the same role and understanding their approach and their context. This is a great way to challenge what you are doing in your own setting.

    Neil Limbrick, Head of IT Strategy – Core Education Trust, Member